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Biography ~ Information on Psychic and Life Coach, Elisa CILC, ICF

My name is Elisa I am so honored to provide my intuitive readings and my certified life coaching services. I specialize in women Issues, career, relationships, business dealings, spirituality, and loved ones that crossed over to the other side. I am here to show you options and I believe we all have to practice free will, we all want to reach our full potential. When you share your name and date of birth my higher -self will connect with your guides. I believe we all have the same ability and potential gifts sometimes you need that extra help, that outside voice. I will make sure that the message is clear so you have no doubts or confusion you will know an amazing inner peace, warmth, and then you will begin to focus and carry through the message that I bring.


I will make sure that you are walking on the right path. I thank Mother Father God for my gifts into the extrasensory world.

I can read with or without tools depending on the client’s needs. I can give names, time frames, and information on past present and future as well as past lives connected to people that they have in their lives now. I gently let the clients know that the information I am giving them is because I can communicate with relatives, friends and people that have been in their lives. I let them know that those that have passed on still communicate with them.

As a Psychic Medium and counselor on all areas of your life, my mission is to help "you" the client to see clearly and to understand the obstacles that you face.

I focus on solutions and show you all the options that are available to you. You have freedom of choice and "Source" Mother Father God has given you this gift.

The information, facts, and messages that come in during your reading are for your empowerment. You will have clarity that far exceeds your expectations and you will be able to move forward with confidence.

I want to let you know who "I AM" have you heard of imaginary friends? Well, I sure had them they were always around me and my Mother would look to see who I was talking to. She tells me now that all she saw was empty space she would look into my eyes to try to see what I was seeing but to no avail. 

As you can imagine it was a confusing time for me when my imaginary friends all left one day including my dog named JoJo. That meant that my life would begin as a very gifted child blessed with Mother Father God and of course all the angels and guides that would appear when needed.

I was a child when my parents noticed my ability to see upcoming events, I would share them with my family, and they would witness them happening all around. My natural psychic abilities were evident it was amazing to my Mother. She was in shock the morning she received a phone call from her home town and the caller announced the death of her Father the shocking part was the fact that I had spoken to her that very same morning about the dream that I had with my Grandfather. 

The experience was like no other I felt myself flying over the sea smelling the sea salt in my nose and having a birds eye view from the top of my Grandfather’s house. Moving to the window and seeing him on the living room floor very bloated. Of course the next step was my Grandfather rising from his body and sitting with me on the fence outside. We did not speak with our mouths we communicated just the same and he let me know that he was passing on his gift to me. The connection that he had with Mother Father God was his own doing, but the gift to be open, for the information was what he was giving me before he left  this plane, this earth.

He was loving and kind in his communication with me and I knew and understood that it was a very big responsibility for me. I left his side with the promise from him that he would be there for me with divine guidance.

I spoke to my Mother that morning and let her know in a gentle way that her Father, my Grandfather, had passed on of a heart attack the evening before and that her sister would find him in the morning and thus she received the phone call. As I grew those following months so many situations came my way and I had unbinding faith in a divine Source that I wish to call Mother Father God. When I was faced with another major crisis in my life which had to do with my Father’s disappearance I again had to understand why he appeared to me several days later. I had a very hard time with this realization I thought maybe he was coming back, or maybe he had amnesia, and he eventually would come back to his family. So when he appeared to me, I knew that it was certain that he had passed on. I would try to face my Mother and sisters grief and try to be strong and try to understand why. That took a very long long time into my teen years.

I still thought maybe I was just a little off like my sisters would joke with me. That was the constant battle that I had in my mind and heart. Why did I have to feel, see, and "just know" things that would were about to occur or had come to be. I had to come to terms with my gifts so I decided to start studying metaphysics and I started doing the research I had a mission I just didn’t know what it was or why. I had to know and I was dedicated to uncover all truths. I focused on different cultures and tried to put the pieces together to find out the common denominator that made us all the same in tuned with life and live beings .In my thirty’s I was able to walk into a public store and the energy from a person would catch my attention. I would be told to go to them "my guides" most of the time it was people that had lost a loved one. People that were in so much pain that they needed to hear something, a message, to give them back their lost faith in their Higher Power. I would go up to these individuals and give them a message that came through from Mother Father God. I was honored that they were always open to receive the spiritual message. 

I found myself surrounded by books and I read two to three at a time just to absorb the information that I knew I had to read I would finally get comfortable as the knowledge became clear. I started to work for law enforcement assisting in several robberies that were happening in Broward County in 1996. They knew my gifts were real by describing a chain of events that only the persons that committed the crimes and the detective working on the case would know. I could see the faces and the names came to me so easy it was a matter of a short time and they had their suspects in custody.

I truly believe that they were stopped before they committed a violent crime.

Speaking of violent crimes shortly thereafter I was working with the head of the FBI in Orlando Florida on a case that was nothing but pure evil and violence. A man with a double personality or let’s say the one that committed the murders was very aware of the other personality that lured the victims in.

This case evolved  by my channeling gifts through the guidance of Father and Mother God bridging three states that the criminal visited through his job. They flew me to Corpus Christie and I uncovered the evil this man was capable of and it was terrifying. As I sat in my hotel room I saw the faces of his victims that he had murdered one right after the other all asking to be discovered to bring closure to their families Even the homeless women, the addicted woman, the innocent as in this case needed to be acknowledged I have since been working as a Professional Psychic and my clients are astonished at the accuracy that I give them but I have to say that it is through Mother Father God and my guides that I am open to receive the Divine Light and pass on the messages and important information to their loved ones. I do not claim to be the one with the accuracy it is my Masters that bring in the information of the past, present, and future. Namaste